I have Latex'd Bj's 6/11/96 Oxford talk in a "slides" [viz., SliTex]environment. In the process I have introduced some editing and certainly some errors of various types. Some of the Fax's of Bj's transparencies were clipped at their bottems; not to worry, I freely created.

I have done this in a completely modular way. The text files can be modified in any way you wish; the PostScript files are in a format ready for tranparency making. And they can all be combined in the original order or any other way you please, or into one file that incorporates the figures into the text. I would appreciate suggestions a error sightings; I will make the necessary changes in the files. I am presently working on an "article" environment version of these files that has full narrative; this will be quite long, but might prove to be the starter for the various papers to result from the analysis.

The talk files are organized along Bj's original table of contents : mxtkitex and mxtki correspond to Bj's title page, table of contents and Sec. I, in a Text-form SliTeX file, and a PostScript file of the output. mxtkii.tex and mxtkii.ps correspond to Bj's Sec. II .............................................., etc. So far there are four Postscript files for drawings corresponding to the cartoon of the DCC (dcc.ps), and the three "locations" (lego.ps, space.ps, time.ps). I have not yet converted Bj's hand-drawn 2-D plots into cleaner graphical form; the hbook plots can be converted to transparencies from a copy of Bj's transparencies; Postscript files for these probably exist on someone' s page already--I'll leave that in the air for now.

The PostScript files that I have created are mxtki, mxtkii, mxtkiii, mxtkiv, mxtkv, mxtkvi, mxtkvii, dcc, lego, space, time .

The corresponding SliTeX files in Text format are mxtkitx, mxtkiitx, mxtkiiitx, mxtkivtx, mxtkvtx>, mxtkvitx, mxtkviitx.