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Wed, 8 Jan 1997 10:15:13 -0500 (EST)

To All:
The modifications referred to below were precisely those in Mary's
previous message.
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>Dear Dr. Ripka:
> We are greatly pleased that the referee of our paper, "Analysis of
>charged-particle/photon correlations in hadronic multiparticle production,"
>considered it, on the whole, as acceptable for publication in the Physical
>Review. The referee, however, suggested "Optional additions" to our paper
>which we have carefully considered. The explanation of the modifications in
>the manuscript we have made in response to those remarks follows:
>1. While the modifications to the manuscript we have made are not precisely
>those the referee has suggested, we believe that they address the problems
>that the referee has identified by explaining in greater detail the
>calculations that are reported in Sec. 6.3 and Tables 1 and 2. We have
>responded to the referee's call for a "...demonstration of the robustness
>of their variables," not by considering the effect of arbitrary changes in
>the behavior of the apparatus, but by realistic comparisons of PYTHIA
>simulations, subjected only to passing trigger, with full GEANT simulation
>of the MiniMax detector both for generic events as well as DCC-fractionated
>events, with associated errors, in addition to pure binomial and pure DCC.
>We feel that this comparision is far more meaningful and will be more
>instructive to the reader in assessing the our formal development.
>2. The first sentence of the second paragraph of Sec. 6.3 has been replaced
>by three new sentences that describe in much greater detail the nature of
>our PYTHIA and GEANT simulations in connection with the results in Table 1.
>3. Table 1 has been replaced by a new table with an additional column that
>explicates the effect of detector efficiencies by including a "pure" PYTHIA
>simulation in addition to the PYTHIA/GEANT simulations reported previously.
>4. An additional sentence was added to the caption for Table 2 in order to
>clarify how DCC fractions were added to generic PYTHIA/GEANT events.
>The manuscript incorporating these modifications is attached to this
>message and we are resubmitting it for publication in the Physical Review,
>part D.
> Sincerely,
> Kenneth L. Kowalski,
> on behalf of the MiniMax Collaboration
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