Disk quota - $MINIMAX_CODE

Wed, 11 Sep 1996 11:49:58 -0400 (EDT)


I am trying to get into production with my tracker and am somewhat
inhibited because the disk usage under the directory $MINIMAX_CODE
seems to hover around 89% to 90% of quota. Following is the disk usage
for all the directories under $MINIMAX_CODE. If the owners of these
files could delete unneeded ones (or compress them - see below), I
would appreciate it.

5462 anal
12 batch
10778 bj
51576 cct
5655 cdst_make
447515 kd1
158421 mary
50 mjl
5493 monitor
1945 offline
18004 pompyt
2361 tlj
7814 travis
10674 uv-tracker
161694 wld

Incidentally, I find the unix utility "compress" (and "uncompress") is a
quick and effective way to minimize the space used by our DST files. It
squeezes them down to about 27% of their original size.