Final Call on Paper on Robust Observables

Tue, 3 Sep 1996 17:46:47 -0400

To All:
The "final" version of the paper on robust observables is now ready for
the last round of comments. Comments will be acted upon through Monday,
September 9, 1996. If all is well it will be submitted to the Physical
Review, Part D, on Tuesday, September 10.

The paper is on the MiniMax web site under "Papers in Progress",
"Paper on Robust Observables". You can download the Postscript file there
or download the text files that have been written in Latex, and typeset it
yourself.[Some people have experienced trouble printing out the ps file; if
you have any trouble, send me a fax # and we will ship you a hard copy.]
Follow the accompanying instructions to these links in making your
suggestions. Please do not alter the original text files on fnmine.

This paper is authored by the full collaboration, so check it out

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