DPF proceedings

Cyrus Taylor (cct@po.cwru.edu)
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 09:54:26 -0400


I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier. I still have a number of revisions,
some of which I should have caught before. Also, given the number of changes
that I am proposing, unless there is a compelling reason, could you please make
the changes, post the modified version, and give Bj (and others!) time to read it? He
doesn't usually get in until about 1 PM your time...


(1) In the abstract: [I should have caught these earlier...apologies!]

(i) "This ratio..." -> "The distribution of this ratio..."

(ii) "We present [the] method used for the search..." the-> a

(ii) "A preliminary comparison between the measured values..." ->
``A preliminary comparison of robust ratios of measured values..."

(2) Section 1

If you can change the \sim sign in \sqrt{s} \sim 1 TeV to
{>\over \sim}...the 1 TeV is sort of a squishly lower bound...

(3) Section 3

(i) Current notation is that all of the f's you mention in this section should be
LOWER CASE (unnormalized). You made this correction in one place, but there
should be no upper case F's in the paper as it is currently written.

(ii) [My apologies for not catching this one earlier:]
"...m charged and n neutral pions..." -> "...m charged pions and n observed gamma

(4) References:

Since you have dropped out the discrete form of the probability distribution, I would
replace the reference to Taylor and Kowalski with the Rajagopal reference...it is more
appropriate in the text as it currently reads.

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