Re: Cosmic Ray test stand after run?

Cyrus Taylor (
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 14:19:33 -0500

Dear Jon,

The 15th of May sounds like plenty of time for what we are interested in. [Though in
fact that sounds more aggressive than the last date I heard--can someone verify this?]

I believe the hard cosmic ray flux is ~10^2 m^{-2} s^{-1}, which for our 16"x16"
cross section detector would a rate of the order of a few Hz. [Someone correct me if I am wrong].
It would seem reasonable to expect at least a few x 10^4 through going muons per
calorimeter module in the available time, before the beginning of fixed target beam.

I don't think this should be thought of as an independent test: it is the only way MiniMax
can do the in-situ calibrations, and a useful adjunct to any later test beam calibrations.
However, if we want to do this, at least an addendum to
the current MOU would seem to be appropriate. Does this seem reasonable to you?

If there is some general concensus that this is a good thing to do, I will investigate further
with Taiji/Carlos.

The actual construction of the test stand is, I think after discussing it with Dick and
Bill,, reasonably straightforward.


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