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So much phase space so little time. (WLD@FNALV)
Thu, 25 Jan 1996 21:20:09 -0600 (CST)


Below is a copy of the title and text I'm would like to submit
for the May aps meeting in indianapolis. The wording may be a bit more
terse that one would like, but some word-smithing had to be done to cut it
down to size.

Please send comments/corrections. It is fairly bland--on purpose.


\Title{MiniMax: A Forward Charged-Particle and Photon Detector
at the Tevatron}

The MiniMax detector at the C0 collision area of the Tevatron is detailed.
Briefly, it consists of a 24 plane MWPC telescope, with a movable
lead converter plane after the eighth plane, followed by sixteen
additional planes and a lead-scintillator electromagnetic calorimeter.
Scintillation counters were used for triggering.
MiniMax is designed to study events at forward psuedorapidities under
different trigger conditions. Two different aluminium beam pipes
covering the collision region and area adjacent to the MWPCs have been used,
along with various MWPC configurations, during beam-gas and collider runs
from 1993-1996. Downstream hadron calorimeters and scintillation counters
were installed for the 1995-1996 collider runs. The background and tracking
considerations that motivated these designs will be discussed.