The MiniMax Experiment at Fermilab

MiniMax: A Test/Experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron.

MiniMax is an experiment to search for disoriented chiral condensates (DCCs) in proton/anti-proton collisions of 1.8TeV in the far forward region. It is a small collider experiment situated at the C0 interaction region of the Tevatron and has been designed to measure the ratio of charged to neutral pions produced at pseudo-rapidities near 4.1. The distribution of this ratio is expected to be very different for the generic binomial and DCC particle production models. The DCC model has been used to describe Centauro events seen in high energy cosmic ray experiments.

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Papers and talks

Jon's talk at Argonne Workshop on Hadron Systems at High Density and/or High Temperature August '97.
A DCC Trouble List: Notes of Bj's talk at Trento, October, 1996.
Bj's transparencies at Nijmegen (June '96) and writeup for Nijmegen proceedings
Jon Streets' DPF'96 transparencies and writeup for the proceedings
Cyrus's talk at the RHIC Summer Study '96 (proceedings) (July '96)
Collaboration Paper: "Analysis of Charged-Particle/Photon Correlations in Hadronic Multiparticle Production" (rpaper)
PhD thesis "A Disoriented Chiral Condensate Search at the Fermilab Tevatron", Mary Convery


Chambers all cabled - looking downstream (Postscript) View of the uncabled chambers and vacuum tank squeezed below the Main Ring (Postscript) Left to Right - Bill Davis, Tom Jenkins, Cyrus Taylor and Dick Gustafson (Postscript)
Looking upstream, view of the EM calorimeter behind the chambers (Postscript) Left to Right, James Bjorken, Dick Gustafson and Bill Davis in the C0 counting room (Postscript)

In the meantime, some (somewhat dated) information about the experiment can be found in the T-864 entry of the SLAC SPIRES Experiments Database.